Platform B, a hot new imprint created by Munich’s finest DJ/producer Lützenkirchen for his raving family, his clique, his posse and not to forget his mates. So it’s all about friendship, support for the homies from munich and to give it the right Platform.

The Idea fot this originated from last years super rave event "Rave on snow" at an afterparty in a hotel room, where Lutze was talking about the huge potential of munichs locals and residents. And because most of theese guys are his buddies he decided to make a concept label like Platform B now is. No single combats but on every EP 3 tracks by different members of the gang starting on this first release with Barrientos & Corrado, Jojo Hofmockel and of course Lutzenkirchen.

Check these tunes and enjoy the future sound of munich.


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